Directory of Australian Builders - Residential & Commercial

Comprehensive, accurate and targeted. Our directory is the leading multi-channel source of marketing data to reach builders of new residential and commercial constructions in Australia. For more than twenty years, leading brand have used our directories to put their building products in front of construction sector decision makers in Australia.

One job. Construction Sector marketing data. It’s all we do.

We live, eat and breathe this stuff. Every year, we add hundreds of new firms and address updates to the file and our golden rule is that we never list a firm unless we have contacted them by phone first. Every single firm is contacted by telephone at least once a year.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Use the directory to deliver your marketing message via Direct Mail, Telephone, Email and Social Media.

Thousands of phone calls, every year.

Company Name, Contact Name, Phone numbers, Address, www, email address, branch locations.


Detailed information on project type, quantity and value. Residential and/or commercial.

Targeted Marketing Data. Builders

The directory contains all of the information you need to put your product in front of the builders that need to know about them.

Decision Maker Contact Name

Company Name

Mailing Address

Phone Numbers

Email Address

Web Address

Project Type, Quantity, Budget

Branch Locations

Your Questions Answered

How accurate is the Builders database?
We are the only construction sector data publisher to telephone every Builder, every year. If we can't reach them, we don't list them.
Can you send me a sample of the Builders database?
Click here here to see view a single record
Click here to request a sample of 20 Builders Directory records.
Where do you get your Builders listings from?
Our team of researchers is continually looking for new Builders to add to the directory. We use industry publications, professional registrations, web sites and telephone directories. Each new potential Builder listing is telephone interviewed before inclusion.
What is your guarantee on the Builders Directory?
Any incorrect Builders Directory record returned within 12 months of supply will be updated and replaced at no charge.
How many Builders on the database, nationally?

Click here to request a state breakdown of Building firms on the database.

What FORMAT will I receive the data in?
Standard format for data supply is MS EXCEL. Alternately, we can provide data as a ASCII Comma Delimited Text file.
What are the CRITERIA FOR INCLUSION of a firm?
Firms building more than 3 residential or 1 commercial construction each year may be included. Firms with less activity or primarily renovations/additions are excluded.
Can we use the database for email marketing to Builders?

approx. 90% of the records on the directory include an email address. Click here to read more about how we collect email addresses and how they can be used.

Can you send out my email for me?

We use and recommend Markus Dilectite for all our email marketing activities. To discuss your online marketing needs, call Mark on 0410 595 204.

About the Publisher

Fiona Duff is the publisher of the Directory of Australian Builders and the companion, Directory of Australian Architects. Originally a journalist, Fiona was the Style Director for House & Garden Magazine at what was ACP now Bauer Media. Fiona has an interest in and passion for architecture, art and design.

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