About Independent List Management

Construction sector marketing data is All. We. Do. Since 1997 we have been publishing the Directory of Australian Architects and the companion, Directory of Australian Builders. Our mission is to connect building products brands with the design professionals that specify them and the construction specifiers that put them into new residential and commercial building projects.

More firms

Our research team is continually looking for new firms to add to the directory and, at the same time, maintaining the records we hold. Our directories include listings for the firms that you are working with today and for firms that you aren’t working with…. not yet.

More channels

The directories are purpose built for sales and marketing activity. All records include a mailing address and telephone numbers (landline and/or mobile). Over 90% include an email address for the firm and also website address, firm size (number of employees) and project value (max).

Helping leading building product brands to connect with Architects, Designers and Builders is all we do. We have been publishing directories since 1997.

Fiona Duff is the publisher of the Directory of Australian Builders and the companion, Directory of Australian Architects. Originally a journalist, Fiona was the Style Director for House & Garden Magazine at what was ACP now Bauer Media. Fiona has an interest in and passion for architecture, art and design.